Samantha Buckley - Artist

I absolutely love my new website.
I didn't know where to start but you made it so easy from start to finish!
Samantha Buckley

Website Design

About the project

Samantha Buckley is a specialist painter of Indian miniature art. She loves to paint animals , flowers and most recently portraits.

Samantha needed an attractive website on which to sell her art. The branding needed to be sympathetic to her art style but ensure that the art was the focus throughout the use journey.
Samantha wanted her shop to act like an art gallery showing both “for sale” and “sold” pieces and allow the user to purchase the piece that took their eye.

The site also needed to show her complimentary services including commissions and teaching – both of which require a simple form submission to register interest.

Great project – It was a pleasure to work with Samantha!

I've even MADE this bit EASY

To get the ball rolling, simply fill out the contact form or get in touch using the details below:

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